RMOG Rules were approved by the Board of Directors, April 6, 2021, with an addition to Section 2 approved May 5, 2022. No Rules changes for 2023. Open livewells before launch or when arriving at the dock if launching elsewhere for judge’s check.

Reel Men of God (RMOG) men’s ministry conducts team bass tournaments for men living in Old Hickory Lakeside communities and the surrounding area.

  1. EVENT FORMAT — Teams are comprised of two men; however, boaters may compete individually if a non-boater is unavailable.
    – A boater has final say on fishing decisions (e.g., locations, position, duration), taking into account the non-boater’s preferences and needs.
    – Day tournaments run from safe light until an end time set by the Tournament Director. Nighttime Open Tournaments run from 6:00 PM to midnight. Nighttime Summer Series tournaments run from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
    – Competitors launch in flights of no more than five boats, by signal from a Tournament Official.
    – Most tournaments include optional $10 or $20 per team Big Bass side pots, with payout amounts and places contingent on participation.
  2. ELIGIBILITY & PREREQUISITES — Both members and non-members may register for and compete in Open Tournaments. All other RMOG tournaments are for members. A non-member guest may team up with a RMOG member to compete no more than twice; membership dues are required before participating a third time.
    – All participants must (a.) review and agree to adhere to these rules, (b;) submit, annually, a signed and dated waiver/release form including cell numbers and email addresses, and (c.) pay all required fees by the registration deadlines stipulated in the event description.
    – Upon request by Tournament Director, boaters are required to present proof of boater’s liability insurance.
    – Competitors under the age of 18 may compete when teamed with a parent or other adult designated by a parent.
    – When a competitor fishing solo is under the age of 18 or both competitors of a team are under the age of 18, a parent or another adult designated by a parent must serve as an adult non-competing supervisor who accompanies the youth competitor(s) on the boat and operates the outboard motor.
    – During competition, the adult may not fish or materially assist the competitor(s), except as outlined below.
    – The adult supervisor may
    a) Coach, demonstrate, answer questions, or otherwise advise on fishing equipment, tactics, presentations, procedures, and practices
    b) Operate the boat
    c) Enforce safe practices
    d) Operate the boat’s equipment the promote health of fish (livewell aeration and recirculation)
    – The adult supervisor may not:
    e) Advise on boat location (except for safety and navigation)
    f) Operate the trolling motor except in the case of safety or trolling motor equipment malfunction
    g) Cast, retrieve, or otherwise assist in catching, landing, measuring, or transporting fish and may handle fishing equipment only to teach or coach, as noted above in (a), above.
  3. EVENT-SPECIFIC DETAILS — Tournament officials, locations, numbers of fish, species, start and end time exceptions, boundaries, entry fees, side pots, slots and minimum lengths are stipulated in Event Descriptions.
    – Livewells must be empty of fish at competition start time. Tournament Director or designee will spot-check livewells prior to launch to verify compliance.
  4. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE — Each participant must have a current fishing license that legally permits him to fish on waters where competition takes place.
    – All fish in possession must be of legal size for the body of water on which competition takes place.
    – The number of fish in a boat’s livewell at any time must not exceed the possession limit stipulated by the state, and for a 2-man team may exceed a total of five for no more than three minutes.
    – Boats are required to have operating livewells as well as lights, flotation and audible signaling devices that meet USCG regulations.
    – Wearing of a USCG-approved PFD/life jacket by each boat occupant is required whenever the combustion engine is running.
  5. PROHIBITIONS — No alcohol or illegal substances may be onboard boats or consumed during competition period. Violation will result in immediate disqualification.
  6. FISHABLE WATER — Fishing in the launch site no-wake/off-limits zone is prohibited 20 minutes prior to weigh-in time.
    – Only water contiguous to the launch area may be fished. Locking through a TVA or USACE dam is not permitted. Other boundaries and off-limits area, if any, will be stipulated in the Event Description.
  7. SAFETY & SPORTSMANSHIP — Safe boating and legal fishing practices, Christian values, and good sportsmanship will be exhibited by participants at all times.
  8. PERMITTED PRACTICES —Only artificial bait may be used, including those manufactured from organic products (e.g., pork rind trailers, biodegradable soft baits). No live, dead/preserved, or cut bait may be used.
    – Fish submitted for scoring must have been using rod and reel, by a hook or hooks in the mouth and not, solely, by snagging the fish’s body.
    – During competition period, participants may not fish from a boat when it is within 25 yards of another participant’s boat or within 50 yards of another participant’s boat that is anchored with its trolling motor up.
    – All participants must remain onboard their boats during the competition period except (a.) to answer a call of nature, (b.) to prevent property damage or retrieve personal property that falls overboard, and (c.) for emergencies. When off the boat, participants may not engage in any activity directly related to catching or landing fish.
    – Trolling using an electric trolling motor is permitted; however, trolling with the combustion engine is prohibited.
  9. CHECK-IN — Boats must be within the launch site no-wake/off-limits zone and the team’s competition token (poker chip) must be turned in by end-of-competition time. A 1 pound per minute penalty is assessed for late check-in.
    – Fish must be transported from livewell to the scales in a weigh bag with sufficient water to keep fish aerated (not on a stringer)
  10. SCORING — Bass will be measured and weighed, accepted or denied, and penalties assessed by the Tournament Director or his designee. All decisions made by the Tournament Director are final. All bass shall be live and of legal size.
    – A competitor may request a courtesy measurement for suspected short fish in order to avoid penalty
    – Length will be determined by use of a “Golden Rule” measuring device, with the fish’s mouth closed and tail pinched.
    – Short fish will be discarded, and the team will incur a 1-pound penalty for each short fish.
    – Dead fish may count toward a team’s score, but the team will incur a 0.25-pound (4 ounce) penalty for each dead fish.
    – Event Standings will be determined by the total weight of all fish submitted by each team.
  11. DISPUTES — Any grievance must be reported to the tournament director prior to announcement of competition results.
  12. AWARDS — Prizes are determined by the Tournament Director and by RMOG sponsors. Unless otherwise stipulated in the event description, cash prizes are 100% of Entry Fees plus sponsor prizes.