Reel Men of God appreciates the support of businesses and individuals of who honor God and share in Reel Men of God’s mission to help men know Him better and walk with him daily. In 2022, RMOG ministry partners include:

  • Redemption Rods — Supporting Sponsor: Fishing Rods & Bait Pack Prizes. ID as RMOG member on phone orders for $110 RMOG Rod Price ($80 discount)
  • Tenn Properties — Presenting Sponsor, RMOG Summer Series
  • Hoppys Lures — Supporting Sponsor: Bait Pack Prizes
  • C&O Marine — Supporting Sponsor: Gift Card Prizes & On-site Product 10% Discounts
  • Anderson Marine — Supporting Sponsor: Gift Card Prizes
  • Deka Batteries — Supporting Sponsor: 10% On-site Discounts and even more on visual blems
  • Poindexter’s Outdoors — RMOG Supporting Sponsor: two reel prizes
  • Bass Boat Seats — Supporting Sponsor: ID as RMOG member on phone orders for a 10% Discount
  • Grace Point Church — Pastored by RMOG member Mark Grubb
  • Amsoil Oil — Special Discounts on RMOG Group Oil Orders
  • Specialty T’s — Supporting Sponsor; print job setup fee discounts for RMOG members
  • Flower Express — Supporting Sponsor: Flower Order Discount Voucher Prizes
  • Roger’s Marine, Goodlettsville — Supporting Sponsor: On-site RMOG Member Discounts on Service
  • Allen Printing — Supporting Sponsor: printing services